does anyone know how to wholesale realestate?

by | July 29, 2011 | on Orange County Wholesale Real Estate | 3 comments

I am 21 years old and there is a property next door that i wld like 2 wholesale. it has really good terms. i called this real estate investor that bought a house from me in the summer to see if he cld help me but he didnt want to. alot of ppl act that way probably bc im young & i dont look a day over 15. the guy was like your going to need a bank and the banks dont want to lend out any money. and i was like i dont need a bank bc im trying to wholesale, besides these ppl are so motivaed they

Cypress Leaf rehab final video….did I get stuck with it?

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New Post!! This is the final video from my rehab series. The whole process took 80 days from when I bought it, fixed it, and resold it. The net profit ended up being 29k. Not bad for 80 days. If you have cash and are interested in fixer uppers in the Central Florida area, please visit Top Recommended Site!!

Aurora Colorado Wholesale Property for Sale: 3903 Richfield St

by | July 28, 2011 | on Orange County Wholesale Real Estate | no comments

New Post!! Call me Today to buy this great investment property! BRANDIS MEEKS 720-297-1692 3903 S. Richfield St Aurora 80013 Buy for 61% of the After Repaired Value! 3 bed 2 bath 1676 Finished Sq Ft Attached 2 car garage! Top Recommended Site!!

Looking into purchasing a home that is in pre-foreclosure where the owner owes back taxes to the county.?

by | | on Orange County Wholesale Real Estate | 4 comments

I've found a property that is appraised at 5K with comps around the same. They owe only about K on the property but have fallen behind on the taxes. They owe the county K in back taxes and can't pay them. There is no lien on the property yet and the county is trying to force foreclosure. The judge in the case felt bad for the family so they extended them 30 days before making any type of decision. I want to save the family from having to go through foreclose as it is unavoidable if they

(SOLD) 3601 Leybourn, Toledo Ohio Wholesale

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New Post!! 3bd, 1ba, 1.5car Virtually rent ready, just needs fine tune cleaning and your added touches. West Toledo home in good working class neighborhood. Area rent: 0 - 0 Distributed by Tubemogul. Top Recommended Site!!

I am turning my condo into a rental property. Besides the obvious repairs, what else should be done?

by | | on Orange County Wholesale Real Estate | 5 comments

I have been told that registering as a business can help me buy the things I need wholesale, open business bank accounts, etc. I want to go about this the right way, but I also want to keep things fairly simple. I've already started doing my research regarding the market...but I still need advice from the experienced.

Does anyone invest in Knoxville, Tn?

by | | on Orange County Wholesale Real Estate | 2 comments

Was wondering if Knoxville TN was a good place to invest in real estate. Are there many people moving there? Is the market good for wholesaling, buying and holding, meeting other investors through a network and renting for positive cash flow? Trying to learn in South Fl but finding the market to be confusing. The prices are dropping...but the taxes and insurance are so high. Feeling confused and thinking of relocating to Knoxville. Help? Thanks Mary. We were looking into Knoxville to live an

How to Determine Rent – Rental Analysis Orange County Property Management Kennedy Group

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New Post!! Discover what the going rate for rent is in Orange County California. Top Recommended Site!!

Real Estate Investing How to put up Bandit Signs Wholesale Real Estate Houses and More

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New Post!! Marcel Umphery teaches you how to Flip houses from scratch in his 28 day MINI-COURSE for FREE! Everything from practical Real Estate Investing How to put up Bandit Signs, Wholesale Real Estate Houses and Getting to the Closing table. Get the #1 Wholesaling Real Estate Book and Manual at http Wholesaling Real Estate Virtual Wholesaling Wholesaling homes for a living real estate wholesaling Flipping properties locating wholesale real estate making of

“A Complete Transformation” Remodel Renovation in Orange County, CA

by | July 27, 2011 | on Orange County Real Estate Deals | 2 comments

New Post!! Scope of Work: Plant on style wainscot throughout main living area. Custom cabinetry of entertainment wall unit with shelving. Installation of 71/4" crown moulding, 51/4" baseboards, 4" MDF beadboard, 41/2" chair rail, 3" door casing, 51/2" tongue and groove walls and 51/4" colonial crown. Chris and his wife had just purchased a new home for their family in Fountain Valley, California. As they were expecting a new baby, we had a unique time frame to m

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