Owning Rental Property Without Managing Tenants: Why I Use Property Managers

by Arthur Garcia | July 31, 2012 | on Orange County Real Estate Deals | no comments

A few weeks ago, David, a co-worker of mine, got on the topic of investing in rental properties.  After what seemed like 20 minutes, I found out the following about David:He owned a 4-plex ten years agoHe lost a lot of moneyHe hated dealing with tenantsHe will never buy an investment property againWhat I deciphered from his story was that he took on too much.  He handled every aspect of his rental business (tenant management, repairs, rent collection, marketing vacancies) all while trying to p

Tax Deferred Exchanges — 1031s — THE Crucial Question

by Jeff Brown | | on Uncategorized | no comments

I literally haven’t a clue how many exchanges I’ve executed in my career. When asked, I usually just say ‘over 200′ cuz that’s when I stopped the silly practice of keepin’ score. Wanna know how to prove I’ve never had an exchange disallowed or fail? That one’s easy — cuz I’m above ground writin’ this. Seriously, what would you do if somebody cost you five or six figures in taxes you never should of owed? After doing a few dozen I

Zoning: A Primer for Real Estate Investors

by Kevin Perk | July 30, 2012 | on Real Estate Development | no comments

Most jurisdictions in the United States have some form of zoning in place (The City of Houston,Texas is a notable example of one without formal zoning codes).  We as real estate investors need to have a basic understanding of what zoning is, what it regulates and what its components are because zoning can affect so much of what we do.This article is intended to serve as a basic introduction to zoning.  Each jurisdiction is different and can have very different zoning regulations.  So please c

New Investor Mistakes: Advice for the Real Estate Investing Novice

by Michael Zuber | | on Starting Out | no comments

I am very fortunate to get the opportunity to speak and correspond with real estate investors of all experience levels.  I find these conversations to be very valuable as I get to see the investing landscape through additional sets of eyes.As you might imagine my most common communication is with new investors who have not bought their first properties yet, but they are very excited and are ready to go.I find new investors break down into one of two camps.The first camp is filled with folks th

How to Think Like a Buyer When Getting Your Property Ready to Sell

by Sharon Vornholt | | on Orange County Real Estate Deals | no comments

The house is finally done after a whole lot of “blood, sweat and tears”, and now it’s time to get your wholesale flip “retail buyer ready”. Real estate investors all have the same question at this point; how can I make my house stand out from the other homes for sale in the neighborhood? The answer is quite simple. Your home has to make a better first impression than your competition. Your potential buyer has to want to come inside from the moment they drive up to the house. So how do

Reaching the Eye of the Storm of Real Estate Investing

by Jason Grote | July 29, 2012 | on Starting Out | no comments

A hurricane generates the same power in one day that the entire world generates in 200 days.Living in Texas, I am well acquainted with hurricanes and the power they contain. The outer bands of a hurricane are where the wind begins to pick up and as it gets closer it becomes increasingly more fierce, until reaching the eye of the storm.  We can liken real estate investing to such a natural phenomena.As a budding new investor or someone on the outside looking for their entrance into the world of

How Super Mario Brothers Can Make You Rich

by Brandon Turner | | on Orange County Real Estate Deals | no comments

Do you remember Super Mario Bros?Yes, the original Nintendo NES game where Mario speeds through eight worlds (each with four sub-worlds) in an effort to save the princess from the evil king Bowser. This game was a huge part of my life  growing up and I still play it to this day. It took me weeks to beat the game the first time.The more I played, the more shortcuts I learned and better I became (remember the unlimited life hack in level three or warping from level four to level eight?) Today, I

How to Raise Private Money Anytime, Anywhere. Even Over Chicken Wings!

by Clay Huber | July 28, 2012 | on Financing Real Estate | no comments

This isn’t any sort of ground-breaking new real estate principle, but always be ready to talk about your business and private money! I’ve read other articles on BiggerPockets talking about this same principle, and with a recent experience of mine, you can throw me into the category of “believer”.The point of this article is to offer encouragement that these sort of things “do” happen in the real world, and not just in someone else’s life experience. Befo

Friday Asia Digest – US/Euro buys Asia, Asia buys US/Euro

by Ziv Magen | July 27, 2012 | on Orange County Real Estate Deals | no comments

Cross-border Investments Higher than EverResearch data released this week suggests that more and more foreign investors are putting their money into remote countries and economies and their real estate markets – in sharp contrast to traditional concerns regarding lack of familiarity, as well as perceived language and cultural gaps - most likely as a result of the financial turmoil experienced around the world, which has resulted in a plethora of available, immediately income-producing, hi

The Advantages of Section 8 Rentals

by McKellar Newsom | | on Orange County Real Estate Deals | no comments

I felt out of place the first time I walked into the Section 8 office. It didn’t help that the line was long and the lady at the counter actually called me up from the way back to skip everyone and come to the front of the queue.Despite the awkwardness of my first visit, I now know the lady behind the counter can find the right paperwork and know how to talk to potential tenants. If you are thinking about buying Section 8 rentals and are apprehensive about the whole ordeal, take a trip to your

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