Bankruptcy Ch 7..Do I qualify???I reside in California?

Ok so I am wondering if I qualify to file chpt 7. I know I can go to a lawyer and find out but I want to get an idea what im up against before hand, and for those of yall that are not going to answer my question please do not comment as this is Yanswers not yahoo personal opinions…..i know the impact on my credit….

Ok so lets start with my Salary..I make approx 35k a year in california–I dont own any real property

My debt is as follows –
I had a car repo-23k
I owe HSBC/Best Buy 3k
Medical 3k
Taxes from 06 and 07 – 7k IRS has a lien on my credit
Target – 300.00
Macys -300.00
Nordstorms – 2k
and a few othe small collections for a total of 40-to 45k approximately

I live in Orange County california and wanted to know id I would qualify to file chpter 7 , I want to start looking for an attorney but Ive just heard so many crazy stories of unprofessional aatorneys and scams I dont know where to start nor how much I am going to be paying if I go through with this….any constructive help is appreciated.thank you if it matter im single and 29 yrs old

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  1. stan c says:

    You won’t be able to include the tax lien but you should be able with your other debts. Just remember it will stay on all 3 credit reports for 10 years.After the third year though, you should be able to start re-building your credit at that time.

  2. Infiniti says:

    That depends. Click the link below, and enter your zip code to find out,

  3. ? says:

    I would visit They have a lot of good legal advice on bankruptcy related questions.

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