How Ratings Could Dramatically Change the Single Family Rental Business

by Steve Cook | August 9, 2012 | on Financing Real Estate | no comments

Investors large and small are closely following on the efforts to convert blocks of single family rentals into securities and sell them to securities investors, similar to the way mortgages are securitized into mortgage-backed securities by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and leading banks.  If successful, SFR-based securities will become a huge new source of financing and will transform single family rentals and residential real estate investing, just as the secondary mortgage markets changed mortgage

Global Cash Flow – Real Estate Financing’s Newest Buzz Words

by Spencer Cullor | August 2, 2012 | on Financing Real Estate | no comments

There is nothing worse than finding just the right investment property that you know will make you great income, only to have the opportunity fall through because you got turned down for financing.  It’s even worse when you see someone else pick up the property and make a fortune.  It’s a devastating feeling, but one that real estate investors face every day with all of the changing lending guidelines.You located the perfect investment property, put in an offer, and got it under contract b

How to Raise Private Money Anytime, Anywhere. Even Over Chicken Wings!

by Clay Huber | July 28, 2012 | on Financing Real Estate | no comments

This isn’t any sort of ground-breaking new real estate principle, but always be ready to talk about your business and private money! I’ve read other articles on BiggerPockets talking about this same principle, and with a recent experience of mine, you can throw me into the category of “believer”.The point of this article is to offer encouragement that these sort of things “do” happen in the real world, and not just in someone else’s life experience. Befo

Eight Ways to Find Your Next Hard Money Lender

by Brandon Turner | July 8, 2012 | on Financing Real Estate | no comments

In an ideal world money would grow on trees, banks would be eager to lend thousands of dollars with just a signature, and my hair would stay in the faux-hawk all day long. Reality, however, is a different pill to swallow. If you are looking to get into house flipping but have little money of your own, chances are you will need to rely on the help of what investors call “Hard Money.”What is Hard Money & How Does it Work?Hard money is a popular method of funding real estate on a short-

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