Advertising/article in LA Times 7/2/06 encouraging readers to join buy real estate even with bed credit safe?

by | March 27, 2010 | on Orange County Real Estate Deals | one comment

The dvertiser says that even with bad credit and no money down I will be able to buy R.E. by useing his credit and money and then split. It may have been in the real eastate section or local Orange county section. It was durig 4th ofJuly wknd. I called the paper for the phone # on the advertsing and they could not help. Any idea how I can get it? and is it a safe deal? Ilive in San Francisco. Other orange County Real Estate Deals Sites» Atlanta Real Estate AgentOrange County Car Accident K

Fixer Upper Real Estate in Southern Cali?

by | | on Orange County Real Estate Deals | 2 comments

Can anyone direct me to a listings, website, real estate agent, etc... who deals with Fixer Upper homes in good areas? I am looking to purchase one with three of my friends. We're looking for something fundamentally sound (plumbing, foundation, electrical) with a lot of cosmetic damages (holes in the walls, flooring, doors, bad yard, etc...). We're not looking to make a profit, just to fix up a home enough for us to live in and commute to school and businesses. We're looking between the areas of

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