Land for sale, 5.1 Acres in Deerpark, Orange County NY

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New Post!! For Sale 5.1 Acres in Orange County NY Visit for this and other wholesale properties and premium cheap land for sale. Top Recommended Site!!

Bird Dogs R Search for Wholesale Real Estate Properties

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New Post!! We are America's premier real estate wholesale property finders. We pay 3% finder's fee. We are constantly searching for individuals to help us identify and purchase wholesale real estate deals nationwide. We have the ability to pay cash for all of our deals and close escrow within 3-5 business days. Top Recommended Site!!

Real Estate Investing Training Video Wholesale Deal Part 1

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New Post!! host Michael Jake shows how a wholesale house flip happens. A walk through of a typical REO, Bank Owned House, Estate House, tired rental property, and how the deal was Found, How it was Funded, and how the profit was made and how much! Learn more Colorado Creative Real Estate Investing Techniques at Top Recommended Site!!

Help on wholesale real estate investing. How do I begin?

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I want to go into real estate investing. I attended a 3-day training session and learned a lot about it, though I have a ton to read. I decided that I want to start off with wholesale real estate, then perhaps go into flipping later on, once I've raised enough capital. I need some advice and step by step on how to go about it. Can anyone assist me, or steer me in the right direction? I would prefer a mentor (someone to guide me through my initial deal). I'm willing to pay him/her and/or split

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