FLOURISH in Real Estate Investing During a Tough Economy

There is a great opportunity to MAKE IT BIG in today’s tough real estate market. You probably have heard just about every media outlet discuss how difficult a time it is to be in real estate. When you let someone know that your an investor, you likely get “It must be tough right now.” We’re here to tell you that the down times can often be the BEST opportunities to hit it big. We’re living proof in our business. Here are 3 ways to make this happen:

1) Enjoy the Lack of Competition:

If you’ve been in the game as long as we have, you have seen the ups and downs. The majority of the competition DISAPPEARS in the downtimes. It’s SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST. It can be a great time to EXCEL if you have some experience. It can also be a great time to break into the business because there are so few people that you are competing with to find deals.

2) Stick to the Fundamentals

We’ve been very successful during this tough period because we have stuck to our proven system. Many investors got away from the fundamentals when things were going well and it ended up coming back to bite them BIGTIME. IF you are a new investor, find a mentor that has a PROVEN MODEL and follow it.

3) Trim the Fat

As investors we tend to get a bit lazy when times are good. We may let contractors get a few extra bucks here and there. We may not pick the most cost effective ways to build houses. Choices like this are disastrous in tough markets. It’s CRUCIAL to make sure you are looking at each line item in your business ESPECIALLY WHEN TIMES ARE TOUGH.

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