Food and the wealthy. If they do this, why can't us?

Being unemployed and having a disabled person in household, we are on food stamps. But our card was completely emptied three weeks ago, apparently by way of an illegal machine, which are called skimming machines, at one of the grocery stores we shop at. After contacting Children and Families and told the food stamps are not replaced ever, we knew we were in for really bad days. Just now in the bathroom I got completely dizzy because of hunger and almost fell.

Since at least fourteen catholic churches closed down in these two counties last year, and all the churches in our area stopped given food altogether, we have not fainted completely because we still have some canned peaches, apple sauce, and one or two cans of carrots. Thankfully we had saved these from nearly a year ago when three churches were still giving out groceries. They basically gave out the same things time after time: canned corn (for every can of carrot or potatoes, they would give at least two or three of corn); at times a can of green beans or beets. That was about it. The community center which still gives food once a month gives exactly same thing, except that they include a large can of beef or pork. Ever so many months they might include also an orange, an apple, a cabbage, or similar….Now that I remember, the year before last they were giving out a pack of frozen chicken and some grapes or other fruit.

Anyhow, and this is my point: If the wealthy, who have money, checks, credit cards, and even housekeepers or maids who can run to the store in an instant to buy food in case of an emergency such as a hurricane, an electric blackout, or a terrorist attack even–not counting on a dirty bomb threat or even a rampant virus, such as was the scare originally with SARS and bird flue–the wealthy chooses wisely to store all types of food for any of these emergencies. Of course I know that precisely due to them having huge amounts of money and proper places where to store food, it is only logical that they cover all the bases. But in the case of the non-wealthy: how come most people do not save canned and other non-perishables for situations such as I have mentioned? Or even for something as simple and unexpected as it happened to us, with a thief taking most of the 0+ food stamps?

Unfortunately for the very poor, which is anyone not ever having at least an .00 an hour full time job, and who of course has to pay (in Miami, Florida, at least 0 for a one bedroom apartment in some of the poor but not crime-ridden areas, which is not bad anyway), and having to pay utilities, etc. A car is out of the picture at this point…..So, for the poor or very poor, who don’t know if the landlord who bought the apartment building in foreclosure couple of years back, will be himself losing it to foreclosure soon. Or if the fire department finds code violations and has to condemn it, or there is a fire and it gets condemned. In situations like this it is probably not wise storing much food, even when purchasing a large quantity is monetarily possible.

But, I still believe everyone should have at least some rations for a week at least.

Do you think I’m right?

4 responses for Food and the wealthy. If they do this, why can't us?

  1. Andyboy says:

    Should and what is ,are two different things aren’t they?
    If you have a juicer, there are 5000 different types of grass and they are all edible. [survival technique] Also if you have enough water, sprout all your live grain to make much more and healthier too. [survival technique]
    Sorry to hear your life is so unfortunate in your country for you at the moment.

  2. Yaya says:

    It is a sad commentary on the United States that even ONE PERSON goes to bed hungry at nite!

  3. Elna Basham says:

    Mm… Hi, I found a link where u can try.

  4. checkmate says:

    Strange. We keep hearing how America is the land of the free and everyone can get what they need. Your story tells me I am right not to believe them

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