Foreclosure Meltdown Fraud and Scams – Avoid Foreclosure Sharks –

New Post!! – Rent skimming and other foreclosure scams. Home Owner Beware. – Part 8 – And what rent skimming is, a shark as I like to call them, a shark will go out and find a vacant house, and they will go in and change the locks and maybe clean it up a little if need be but then they will rent it out to somebody. They will move that person into the house, they will get their 00 or 00 a month rent payment on the house, and 3 or 4 months down the road the repo man comes knocking on the door and says, hey you have to get out. He says this to the tenant of course and the tenant says, hey you dont own the house, and it turns out that the guy that they were paying rent from for the last 3 or 4 months didnt own the house either. So you are talking about somebody, a shark, who goes out and finds a vacant house, breaks in, changes the locks, cleans it up, puts it up on Craigs list and rents it out and collects the money. He never owned the house, he never had any rights to the house, then all of a sudden the sheriff shows up and says you have to go. How can that be legal? Well its not legal; its not legal at all. Because the person who rented you the house knows that they dont own the house, now of course the tenant doesnt know that. Now under Fannie Maes new guidelines, that tenant, if they are lucky enough to have Fannie Mae own that property, or own that note, you may actually get to stay in the house because Fannie Mae has some new guidelines that

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