Get your ass in gear 10K foreclosures/day: Dodd to Kashkari

October 23, 2008 Senate Banking Committee Hearings Chris Dodd Chairman (D-CT) Sheila Bair (FDIC) Neel Kashkari (Interim Asst. Treasury Secretary for Financial Security)

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21 responses for Get your ass in gear 10K foreclosures/day: Dodd to Kashkari

  1. goldgrif says:

    We GAVE money to the rich, spread the money upward. But McCAin says he doesnt want to spread his money around. McCAin get free phone towers on his property. The Rich do not generate the economy, the poor and middle class do.

  2. therealcaptobvious says:

    So this is the same Dodd that wouldn’t admit that Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac were in financial trouble just prior to the meltdown? Neel Kashkari didn’t create the mess, he was sent to clean it up. This is a weak attempt at a bipartisan spin. You want the GOP to work with Obama, but Dodd and Pelosi were just there to throw stones while they took a lot of lobbyist money for themseves. Screw the people…the politicians are only concerned with power.

  3. UserNumberNotValid says:

    The audio was fine for me. Thanks for the quick capture & post. Much appreciated.

  4. FiatLux8888 says:

    I’m CURIOUS to know just who the two suits sitting behind Kash Karry are? They do not seem very happy.

  5. JP5466 says:

    The FED owns Dodd, Frank and the rest of these senators. Hearings such as these are simply a show for the American public. After the hearings are over, they all meet at the local bar and laugh about it.

  6. absoluteness99 says:

    DON’T BLAME Mr. Kashkari for AIG’s CEOs actions. The answer to your question Rep. Manzullo is: Economic Value Added Analysis which will help you determine fair compensation acts. You shouldn’t underestimate anyone’s academic backgrounds. I think that all of you must have skipped the EVA chapter in your Finance classes.

  7. absoluteness99 says:

    Don’t blame the 10k foreclosures on Kashkari, blame the people who bought what they couldn’t afford and got lured by the banks, to sign their mortgages.

  8. FaithLoveHopeLiberty says:

    That pretty much sums it up I think.

  9. HogriderLA says:

    Pay attention, it is in the words, and the man’s name is ‘CashCarry’.

  10. BlakeSchrunk says:

    Please read “The Shock Doctrine” by Naomi Klein you will see who really runs the show. It is truly frightening.

  11. jpindorski says:

    Chris Dodd took bribes from Country Wide Finnancial and is one of the biggest CROOKS in Washington DC.

  12. dique913 says:

    Well said and absolutely true re: Dodd and ‘Hot Bottom’ Frank.

  13. onstageagain says:

    Dodd is a criminal sunuvabitch. He needs to be thrown out of office & put in jail for what he has done in Freddie Mac and Mae. I got news for you friend, Oboobo might think he’s found the goose that spits golden eggs, but you will see the Democrats are going to be exposed for their duplicity in bringing this country’s economy down. The other piece of shit is Barney Frank the Masshole. These guys have pulled Wool over the eyes of Americans & keep spitting out GOLDEN EGGS for there pockets.

  14. onstageagain says:

    Look, the banks were pushed into these home loans to poor. Clinton wanted it when he was in office. The banks were promised that Freddie may and mac would pick up the pole and care it if they fell through. They just didn’t think billions, trillions, cacacatrillions.
    these bastards in Washington keep spitting out golden eggs for there bank accounts & the americans keep letting it happen. Ooooh, but HE’s SUCH A GREAT SPEAKER.. ahha, isnt that nice? What a good boy am I…

  15. nate7159 says:

    Both these guys are a joke! Dodd is a criminal and Kashkari is an incompetent fool. These guys are really in charge of fixing this mess?! Sad..

  16. vinny1010 says:

    Dodd – CFR Scum

  17. ctwatcher says:

    A bunch of idiots making bank off the people…it crashes…same idiots supposed to fix it now? What the hell is wrong with Americans? Too busy running to soccer games? Watching American Idol? You betcha! I mean, that is what’s important today…excuse me while I go text!
    For all parents who’s children and grandchildren will suffer because of their ignorance, I sure hope your kids don’t decide to kill you for what you let happen!!
    Shake off your fluoride poisoning and do something!

  18. twistfinger says:

    Before it cut off, I was expecting one of them to say “aaaaaand scene!”

  19. timmydogman says:

    Damn, I was really hoping for Dodd to say: “get your ass in gear.”

  20. agcw86 says:

    Chris Dodd, Judicial Watch’s 2009 #1 Most Corrupt Politician, Barney Frank, Judicial Watch’s 2009 #3 Most Corrupt Politician, Tim Geithner, Judicial Watch’s 2009 #3 Most Corrupt Politician. This reads like the Dream Team of Taxpayer Ream! How about a little Justice? Forget it, Eric Holder, Judicial Watch’s 2009 #5 Most Corrupt Politician. We’re in a lot of trouble!

  21. FaithLoveHopeLiberty says:

    Let’s throw the vast majority of these scums in jail and start over.

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