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18 responses for Lisa Ling Investigates Foreclosed Homes Oprah com

  1. NShutterbug says:

    Why should this stuff be trashed? What a waste. Americans are the biggest trash-makers in the world. There are plenty of needy people who could use some of the stuff that looks to be in good condition.

  2. Prophetess7 says:

    They should be recycling or donating some of that stuff. Or put in on craiglist or sell it. But why leave like that. What a waste!

  3. couchburner90 says:

    they can’t recycle or craigslist this?! they’d make alot more money

  4. curvaciousMammi says:

    i was just gona say why would you throw all that shit out like seriously ????

  5. jenniferashley99 says:

    I would have a yard-sale. I don’t understand leaving TV’s and computers. They could have made some money to help them.Sometimes I don’t understand people at all.

  6. TheUnlikelyBallerina says:

    Maybe its for legal reasons, are you allowed to sell something that does not belong to you? I guess the banks could sell it though, hmm, mystery…

  7. sameasbe4 says:

    You know why all their belongings are left behind, because they were probably kicked out by LE and told to leave the premises immediately.

    Eviction; the homeowners will be set out on the street and the locks will be changed.

  8. lya24 says:

    This is sad. I realize these people are in a hurry to leave thier homes, but they should have called the salvation army or something and donated some of those items. Now there are perfectly good items sitting in the landfill.

  9. steflova2 says:

    30 year mortgages = slavery

  10. steflova2 says:

    @jenniferashley99 don’t forget about the shame. people who would get such a large house had a lot of pride to go with it. they were trying to keep up with their friends. there is great deal of shame in the mix

  11. vwgti101 says:

    He says he throws away everything, I bet he keeps the tv’s and such!

  12. dottiecat says:

    @jenniferashley99 Sometimes people are too sick to deal with the situation. Trust me on this one – you can be too sick, not mentioning depressed.

  13. myo007 says:

    at the end was hilarious ! Why do they leave Lisa’s stuffs at behind? lol

  14. onstageagain says:

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  15. coocoosing says:

    these people woke up and realized food and shelter and life more important than materialistic things like TV and other crap …or unless you asswipes actually LOCKED THEM OUT and prevented them from taking anything

  16. TRUTHBETOLD10 says:

    Wow americans are afraid of space. Just like tc

  17. wolftreetree says:

    @coocoosing I think you are correct, thats whats happening.

  18. wolftreetree says:

    I assure you the trashers will sell it, they just don’t want to admit it because then that profit would be taxable.

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