Master Bedroom Makeover: Set the Mood for a House Flip

A master bedroom makeover can be a very important step in the right direction for a house flip. This room runs neck and neck with the kitchen for being the most critical room to flipping houses. The decision makers of a family are going to be the ones residing in this area of the home so it makes all the sense in the world to make sure that it is impressive. If you are trying to learn how to flip a house fast, pay very close attention to these house flipping tips.

SIZE MATTERS! It does not have to be huge, but it should be able to fit AT LEAST a queen size bed. This supercedes all other house flip tips for this room since most buyers will not even consider a house if the master bedroom is tiny. Another way to make the master bedroom appear larger is to add a trey or vaulted ceiling. This will improve the buyer’s perception of the size of the room.

Lighting is also a key component to setting the mood in the master bedroom. You can’t go wrong with plenty of natural light as well as recessed lighting (ideally with dimmer switches that can help set the mood). If you really want to stay cheap, you can always brigthen up a room with some strategically placed lamps.

The master closet is a very important part of this area so you should do everything in your power to make your master closet as nice and large as possible. To separate it from the typical fixer upper, you should consider installing an organizer system. This will add more stature to the closet without taking much away from the budget. These organizer systems are especially important in homes that have small master bedroom closets.

In these homes, it is essential to SHOW buyers how they are going to survive with such limited closet space. A well set up organizer system can transform a BIG negative into a positive because it will demonstrate to buyers how to fit much more than they could possibly imagine into that space. Good luck in making your master bedroom the best that it can be.

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