Property Evaluation – Checklist For Wholesale Property Evaluations

New Post!! – How to Analyze Your Flip Property – Consider These Points When Evaluating Your Potential Wholesale Property… Hi, this isFrank Chen with, the only site you need as a real estate investor. Today I’ve got quick video on a checklist that every investor should follow before purchasing real estate. It is very common for new real estate investors to jump into real estate without a plan, or without performing diligent property analysis. Unfortunately, these are the same types of investors that jump right back out in a few months when they lose money on their first deal. Let’s not have that happen for you. The very first thing you need when you analyze real estate are – Comps – need good comps – several very similar props close by, within 1 mile – beds footage/construction similar – MLS access preferred – or ask agents, appraisers, online services – what have buyers paid, what your buyers will pay – Repairs – need multiple estimates – can vary by quite a bit – mom and pop vs. professionals – Other Costs – landscaping – grass, flower bed, trees, bushes, etc… – holding (monthly) – mortgage, property insurance, property tax, utilities, etc. – Neighborhood – owners vs renters – affects your end user, and value of your home – school quality – – amenities – pool, tennis courts, rec center, etc… – proximity – downtown, transit – Competition – Other props for sale – what are their updates, newness, location – popular area or not – how many other

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4 responses for Property Evaluation – Checklist For Wholesale Property Evaluations

  1. leslieas says:

    Loving your videos!! Great info and very personable. Do you do live streaming training using video??

  2. reiclub says:

    @leslieas – I don’t yet, but that is definitely something I will be considering. Thanks for the suggestions! I will be sure to notify you when this happens.

  3. leslieas says:

    site mvtlifestyle awesome!

  4. Kimsrick says:

    What a great 5 minute refresher course!

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