Sex Appeal to Flip a House in Today’s Market

Do you want to flip a house fast? You can look at a million house flip tips, but the 2 most important keys are pricing your home right and making it look irresistible. Today’s house flipping market is survival of the sexiest.

Buyers are so picky that if they view photos online and do not like your room colors, they will skip over what they think is a “fixer upper” and move on to the next home. Wow you say, “but I LOVE that powder blue color in my bedroom”. Well, even though you may love it, the potential buyer may not love it. And, to add insult to your color choice, the buyer can only think, “geez, it’s gonna be super expensive to repaint those rooms, and I don’t really want to have to deal with all of that”.

We have a flipping houses secret weapon that my team uses: our visual coordinators. We send them out to every listing prior to going on the market. Sex appeal (of a house!) is a combination of many factors. The girls spend about 1-3 hours with the client giving suggestions ranging from landscaping, to paint colors,  to  rearranging furniture, and decluttering.

Our sellers spend as long as it takes to work on completing the list and making sure that we are picture perfect before going on the market. It only takes one buyer and we must look perfect for the first impression.

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