Stop Foreclosure California, Ugent news regarding Foreclosure!

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9 responses for Stop Foreclosure California, Ugent news regarding Foreclosure!

  1. Kimzu2oob says:

    liar liar pants on fire

  2. MyITRcom says:

    Not to mention the emotional manipulation by the entire bogus ” Loan Modification Program” Only designed to get your hopes up to give you a further dump.

  3. Kimzu2oob says:

    Got bait n switched, flipped out of your equity with threats and false accusations, have an escrow account that didn’t renew hazard policy, but added one for them, after scammed into ARM that was never applied correctly from onset.etc, BUT, you sacrificed copious life extravagance (like meds, doctors, all entertainment like expensive cruses…uh, I mean renting videos), to keep up your mortgage payments, which you did!(that makes 32 years for me)Apply for HAMP; kiss your house & sanity g’bye

  4. trapptowers says:

    THIS CRISES IS FROM THE BANKS AND GOVERNMENT,if you are being forclosed, cancel your insurance, file bankruptcey,get a electric fryer,fill it with oil,turn it on HI, and leave. thats the best way to SCREW the banks.and if asked,you can say oh! i must have forgotten.

  5. ANYSIA000 says:

    Stop you forclosure before its to late. Go to [icansuemylender. com] The reason the website name is apart is youtube wont let you post website names as comments. so go to this site it will help you, it helped me SAVE MINE !!

  6. lagunabeachpch1 says:

    Great Video, tks

  7. LuJackCity1964 says:

    EDUCATE YOURSELVES BEFORE YOU DO ANY OF THIS!!! If you’re lucky enough to be in Southern California, LET US BUY YOU LUNCH, just to share with you how we’re making a KILLING by going DIRECTLY TO THE BANKS for our Real Estate Investments, 310.356.7027 or wwwdotDare2Dreamdotbiz

  8. 1stchoicefamilyLLC says:

    Has anyone heard of 499 stop dot com?

  9. Hi there, all is going sound here and ofcourse every one is sharing facts, that

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