which house would you choose?

by OrangeCountyRealEstateDeals.com | October 24, 2011 | on Orange County Homes For Sale | no comments

my husband and i are moving into a new house. We currently live in Newport Beach, CA but are house is getting a little too big for our growing family (expecting twins!). we already have two kids and i am due in June. We have a few houses picked out that are in our price range but we're stuck on which one to pick, all of our choices are great. Thank You :) 1) http://www.realtor.com/search/listingdetail.aspx?lid=1103026200&fhadv=571754&fhv=1 2)http://www.realtor.com/search/listingdet

Do you see any violation in this situation?

by OrangeCountyRealEstateDeals.com | August 14, 2011 | on Orange County Wholesale Real Estate | 11 comments

I bought a house last year.Seller was my friend and also a mortgage broker . She wanted to sell her house to me with reasonable price. She also wanted to be a mortgage agent on this loan. So I did fill out the loan application(1003form)with her -she was acting like an interviewer -and she (seller &mortgage broker) hired appraiser. After 15 days ,loan was approved by wholesale lender and the settlement was completed. About two months later I found that the seller asked appraiser to inflate

Buying home with owner financing.?

by OrangeCountyRealEstateDeals.com | July 30, 2011 | on Orange County Wholesale Real Estate | 2 comments

I am buying a home through owner financing. Please don't tell me not to, I must. The down pay is only 00.00, and the payments are less than the rent I've been paying on the house. I have been living in the house for 8 months. The seller is well known in the community for buying tax sale properties and reselling owner finance at 10% interest for 20 years. I know several people who buy from him, and he is very patient with people who are late. I need to own my property, because I may be getting a

does anyone know how to wholesale realestate?

by OrangeCountyRealEstateDeals.com | July 29, 2011 | on Orange County Wholesale Real Estate | 3 comments

I am 21 years old and there is a property next door that i wld like 2 wholesale. it has really good terms. i called this real estate investor that bought a house from me in the summer to see if he cld help me but he didnt want to. alot of ppl act that way probably bc im young & i dont look a day over 15. the guy was like your going to need a bank and the banks dont want to lend out any money. and i was like i dont need a bank bc im trying to wholesale, besides these ppl are so motivaed they

I am looking for a experience real estate investor DC or MD?

by OrangeCountyRealEstateDeals.com | July 25, 2011 | on Orange County Wholesale Real Estate | 2 comments

I am looking for a real estate investor mentor that can help me with my real estate investments. I am interest in doing Wholesale, fix & flips, TimeShare. I am a go getting person, positive spirit, lots of energy and very easy to work with. I took a real estate class so some what knowlegable about real estate. I have been doing a lot of studying on investing but need a mentor to help me starting out that can guide me the right way untill I have hands on experience.

In Maryland what is a sale and use tax license for?

by OrangeCountyRealEstateDeals.com | July 24, 2011 | on Orange County Wholesale Real Estate | one comment

I am looking to start a sole proprietor jewelry business (yeah I already know about liability and what not...its cheaper than an llc). I am a student so I need it to be as simple and cheap as possible. Okay, what I am trying to do is buy jewelry wholesale and sell it retail. I am looking to buy from online wholsalers which require a STATE RESALE TAX NUMBER: 1. Is this the same as a SALES AND USE TAX LICENSE? 2. If this is not the same as a S&UT License then do I have to apply for a T

How can I find the best Fixer-Uppers…in the my area without having to resort to "Listings" pitch-pages?

by OrangeCountyRealEstateDeals.com | June 15, 2010 | on Orange County Real Estate Deals | one comment

Hi Everyone my Family (Mother & Father) work in real estate my dad was a General Contractor for 20 + years...recently they have wanted to branch out into commercial sales and rehabbing...but one problem...it's so hard to find the good deals BEFORE they get listed...as they work all the time...I would like to find out if there is any way...to find any sites and or networks with said listings (Without having to divulge personal information, as so many "Sign up" and "pitch pages&

Luxury Real Estate Agents or Investors: Is making an offer during construction wise?

by OrangeCountyRealEstateDeals.com | March 31, 2010 | on Orange County Homes For Sale | 3 comments

We are considering the purchase of a home that is currently in the construction phase in Orange County, CA. It is listed in the MLS but construction is tarrying and/or delayed (maybe plan changes, permits, or perhaps in hopes of solidifying an offer before completion). Regardless, it has been just under 3 years and the home price has nearly doubled. If we make an offer lower than the asking price, is the builder/seller obligated to complete it per the amenities, permits and plans? What safeguard

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