Real Estate Deals: Know When to Fold ‘Em!

by Sharon Vornholt | July 16, 2012 | on Investor Psychology | no comments

I recently met with a seller at her house. This house was part of an estate and was in very bad shape. It also been many years since an updates had been done.She told me that “she knew pretty much what she was going to be able to sell the house for”. This seller tried to put on a show of confidence even though she knew the house needed a roof, kitchen, bathroom and a lot of other repairs. This house also had some mold in the drywall in the basement.I knew that an experienced real estate inve

Closing Our FIRST $6500 Real Estate Wholesale CASH Deal!

by | January 29, 2012 | on Orange County Wholesale Real Estate | 2 comments

New Post!! - In this video, Josh & I are in the parking lot of Long John Silver's after we closed our FIRST real estate wholesale investing deal for a total profit of 00. The deal took awhile to close through... but at the end of the day it was well worth it. Got the house under contract for 000 and sold it to a cash buyer for 500 about 3 months later. I have to give credit where credit is due... we learned all the basic knowledge we needed to get out & sta

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