Bankruptcy Ch 7..Do I qualify???I reside in California?

by | February 19, 2011 | on Orange County Homes For Sale | 3 comments

Ok so I am wondering if I qualify to file chpt 7. I know I can go to a lawyer and find out but I want to get an idea what im up against before hand, and for those of yall that are not going to answer my question please do not comment as this is Yanswers not yahoo personal opinions.....i know the impact on my credit.... Ok so lets start with my Salary..I make approx 35k a year in california--I dont own any real property My debt is as follows - I had a car repo-23k I owe HSBC/Best Buy 3k

What is considered "good cause" to quit a job and receive unemployment?

by | March 29, 2010 | on Orange County Real Estate Deals | 3 comments

I work for a major bank involved in the mortgage business. I am in a sales position paid by commission only (no salary, just a draw against comission each month). Our industry is in turmoil with Wall street pulling all our capital funding. Effectively my company has cut 80% of their products. The products left to sell are minimal as many remaining products aren't even useful in my area due to property values ( orange county , CA). Our pay contract was altered earlier in the year so our pay

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