“Wheel” Estate Cam- Bank Foreclosure Bidding Wars

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Blog.FranklyRealty.com Marketplace trends including Bidding Wars on Bank owned (REO) Foreclosures in Virginia.

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11 responses for “Wheel” Estate Cam- Bank Foreclosure Bidding Wars

  1. missycaulk says:

    Love it !!

  2. cagedtigersteve says:

    I’m just glad you were sober.

  3. gotbob4homes says:

    CMA, CRA, CBA…what’s next? Great vid.

  4. 919photos says:

    I love the idea, but I think you should attach it to the dashboard so we don’t get dizzy! 🙂

  5. 919photos says:

    I love it! I do think you should mount the camera on the dashboard.

  6. PerfectHoneymoons says:

    Then it wouldn’t be the WHEEL Estate Cam. It would be another boring Dashboard Cam

  7. 919photos says:

    Very true! Don’t get me wrong, LOVE the idea and its a very catchy name. I’ve just started following Frank recently and he’s got some great information that he shares.

    Keep up the good work!

  8. flreguy says:

    Hi Frank,

    Can you provide more info (if it’s not already on the blog) about where a Realtor can sign up to receive pending foreclosures?

  9. zentetsu32 says:

    Bullshit your trying to get buyers to pay more!.. What an ass!

  10. MrBigPoppa43 says:

    Here’s a great bank foreclosure course’


  11. bradwallace60 says:

    Smart Guy, He Has A Niche, Knows It To The Detail… I like Detailed People…
    Brad Wallace – Metro MLS Realty LLC

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