Wholesaling Real Estate: Coaching Program

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www.flipthiswholesaler.net Wholesaling Real Estate Tips! Real Estate wholesaler, Steph Davis talks about a new coaching program Ask The Flip Vips! Want to learn how to wholesale real estate? Check out my blog: www.flipthiswholesaler.net to learn how to wholesale houses! Other topics…

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5 responses for Wholesaling Real Estate: Coaching Program

  1. DancingSpiderman says:

    Looking good in the kitchen, pretty Steph ! what sammich are you gonna share with me?

    $39 a month , with NO UPSELL ? I’m glad SOMEbody has a reasonable price for coaching from an actual REO investor, not some expensive guru. I may take you up on this offer.

  2. 2009timahtuber says:

    will the call be available via webinar?

  3. NamCeFu says:

    WTG, Do you dance? Awesome outfit. WOW!

  4. MrRauly88 says:

    why does ur body have to be so amazing. im so distracted lol.but im listening..

  5. MrRauly88 says:

    Here’s an idea to help us all understand.. Can yall do a skit on wut a typical wholesale proccess should look like. Where do we start, wut do we say, where do we look, etc. PLEASE!! Put together an example video it’ll be fun for yall and it helps visionaries like me see the bigger picture lol.. Thanks Steph, ur awesome!!

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