real estate/ Nothing Down?

by | July 25, 2011 | on Orange County Wholesale Real Estate | 3 comments

Hey I'm New to investing and Real estate . I only have what I've learned from The books I've read and the Videos I've seen on YouTube on the subject of Wholesaling and Buying property seller finance. My question is Do you have any tips or tricks or guidance to help and starting Investor. Back Ground : I live in the suburbs of Detroit MI

Junker in Azalea Park for sale….CASH ONLY!!!!

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New Post!! A quick walk through of the home on Yucatan DrOrlando, FL 32807. If you have cash and would like to buy a fixer upper in Orlando, Florida please visit our website to be added to our wholesale buyers email list Top Recommended Site!!

Wholesale Hustler Interviews Real Estate Investor Cody Sperber

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New Post!! Sean Gibson aka Wholesale Hustler interviews master real estate investor Cody Sperber Top Recommended Site!!

Flop 2 Flip Nation: You Can Wholesale Houses Anywhere in the United States

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New Post!! You Can Wholesale Houses Anywhere. I have been getting in box messages on my Facebook page for over a year from folks in Atlanta, GA, Philadelphia, PA , Washington, DC, Chicago, IL and many other cities around the country asking if they can Wholesale Houses were they... Top Recommended Site!!

I am looking for a experience real estate investor DC or MD?

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I am looking for a real estate investor mentor that can help me with my real estate investments. I am interest in doing Wholesale, fix & flips, TimeShare. I am a go getting person, positive spirit, lots of energy and very easy to work with. I took a real estate class so some what knowlegable about real estate. I have been doing a lot of studying on investing but need a mentor to help me starting out that can guide me the right way untill I have hands on experience.

Deltona Henderson

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New Post!! If you would like to sign up to receive a list of my wholesale/investment properties and an email when I get new cheap wholesale properties, go to:! Top Recommended Site!!

Good books or resources on Real Estate?

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I am trying to learn more about investing in Real Estate. I'm very new to this but I know there's great potential in this "buyers" market. Since I don't have much capital, I am interested in starting out with possibly wholesaling. I realize this is very risky if I don't know what I'm doing which is why I would like to know of any good books or other resources that won't involve too much money that anyone can recommend. Thanks in advance!

In Maryland what is a sale and use tax license for?

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I am looking to start a sole proprietor jewelry business (yeah I already know about liability and what not...its cheaper than an llc). I am a student so I need it to be as simple and cheap as possible. Okay, what I am trying to do is buy jewelry wholesale and sell it retail. I am looking to buy from online wholsalers which require a STATE RESALE TAX NUMBER: 1. Is this the same as a SALES AND USE TAX LICENSE? 2. If this is not the same as a S&UT License then do I have to apply for a T

Sunset Newport Beach California William Bamish 9-1-2010

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New Post!! Video by William Bamish owner of The Real Estate Network a direct hard- private money lender located in Newport Beach California. We specialize in real estate investments, wholesale acquisitions and lending. Visit our website at or call 949-574-4900. Office location: 6400 W. Oceanfront Newport Beach California 92663. The Real Estate Network has been at this location for 10 years. Video shot from office location. DRE # 01185564 ૐ Top Reco

Assinging Contracts – How to Wholesale – Real Estate Investing Training Video

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New Post!! get 9 worth of free training - more free real estate investing training videos on wholesaling, flipping houses, buying houses subject to, lease options and much much more. http Top Recommended Site!!

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