Wholesale Deals Program Benefits

Wholesale Program Benefits…

OrangeCountyRealEstateDeals.com provides ALL CASH INVESTORS / ALL CASH BUYERS with well below market value properties in Orange County, CA and other select areas of Southern California. Our primary concern is providing our investors with the opportunity to invest in deeply discounted properties and Real Estate deals in Orange County.

We are Real Estate investors, Mortgage Brokers and Realtors… and we understand the Real Estate Industry from many different points of view. We have an extensive background in Real Estate Finance, Real Estate Construction/Rehabbing, Real Estate Recruitment, Research, Financial Evaluations, Business Planning, and Marketing.

So what does this mean to you??

Our unique blend of specialized talent allows us to do extensive “Research” and “Marketing”, and find properties of exceptional value and present these opportunities to other ALL CASH INVESTORS / ALL CASH BUYERS looking to add to their portfolio.

Some Of The Benefits Of Working With us as an ALL CASH BUYER / ALL CASH INVESTOR for our Orange County and Southern California wholesale deals are…

  • We are in a unique position to Wholesale Properties to Investors. We have extensive Research, Recruitment, Real Estate and Real Estate Investment experience. We preview the listings, we know the neighborhoods, we understand the complexities, market conditions, appropriate pricing and when to move quickly! You Get First Shot At Some Of The Hottest and Most Profitable deals On The Market Before Anyone Else!!

  • We’ll Locate The Best Real Estate Investment Opportunities in Orange County and select areas of Southern California For You To Capitalize On – So You Save Time, Energy And Effort and most importantly… CASH Resources spent on Marketing to find deals!

  • We’ll Evaluate The Deal For You – So You Benefit From Bottom Line Facts And Figures To Make Informed Decisions! Come to the table KNOWING with absolute certainty that you’re getting a Great real estate deal!

  • We’ll Do The Necessary Research And Due Diligence – So you have the comfort and security of knowing that all of the information has been verified extensively! Minimize your risks and Maximize your rewards!

  • We’ll Negotiate The Deals – So you never have to meet with anyone for anything …or negotiate and haggle to come to agreements! Negotiating with sellers can be frustrating to say the least! Stop missing out on deals because you’re not a “Silver-Tongued Salesman”… let us get the deal under contract for you!

  • We can “assign the contract”, “quickly wholesale it to you”, or “buy and flip”. This allows you to benefit from our time and resources identifying key properties to keep our pipeline filled and our ALL CASH Investors and Private Lenders happy as we find more deals to put cash in your pocket!

  • We’ll Keep The Lines Of Communication Open For You – So you always know what’s going on each step of the way! Never guess what’s going on… we keep you in the loop and at the forefront every step of the way!

  • We’ll assist you with Arranging ANY Needed Maintenance And Renovation… No Matter How Major Or Minor. Just because we’re not sharing the equity on a wholesale deal, doesn’t mean you’re on your own… we’re there with you every step of the way to help you reach your overall objectives!

  • Our typical real estate deals that we wholesale are rehab properties at or below 65% LTV of the ARV(After Repair Value) and minus any estimated repair costs. You benefit from rock bottom prices to minimize your risk and maximize your Rewards!
    Our typical deal formula (.65 x ARV est. repair costs = Your Wholesale Price)

If you’re interested in acquiring wholesale real estate deals in Orange County, CA and many other areas in Southern California, At deeply discounted prices because you are an ALL CASH INVESTOR / ALL CASH BUYER then fill out our Investor Questionnaire form to get started!

Get Started Now…

If you’re interested in acquiring wholesale real estate deals in Orange County, CA and other areas in Southern California, at deeply discounted prices because you are an ALL CASH INVESTOR / ALL CASH BUYER… then fill out our Investor Questionnaire form now to get started!

Our properties sell quickly. But – don’t worry – we are constantly purchasing new properties.  You can let us know what you are looking for and we will notify you with information about our new properties. If you are a real estate investor on the look out for new properties, please feel free to sign up for our Wholesale Buyer’s List.

Sign up for our Wholesale Buyers List

If you would like to be among the first to know about each new property as it becomes available, please join our Wholesale Buyers list. We will automatically send you information on every property we acquire. You will have all of the information before it is seen in the paper or even before we put up the “For Sale” sign in the yard. Sound interesting? Fill out the form below and click the button to join.

IMPORTANT: In order to serve you better, this registration form is for Wholesale Buyers. You are a Wholesale Buyer if you buy(ALL CASH), wholesale, rehab and sell multiple houses each year and real estate investing is your part-time or full-time business. If you only want to buy a home for yourself or your family to live in then please sign up for our Retail Buyers’ List.

Then we will contact you shortly to discuss our programs in more detail. Click Here To Get Started…

For more information:

Access our FREE REPORT on “The Top 10 Questions All Private Lenders MUST Know BEFORE Making Private Loans”

Did you know you can use your IRA and other retirement accounts? Click here to find out how.

Are you interested in signing up for our Private Lender Program? Complete our Private Lender form and we will contact you shortly to discuss our programs in more detail.

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