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Got a possible Orange County or Southern California Real Estate deal?  Partner with OrangeCountyRealEstateDeals.com and make some cash now!!

Now is the time to invest in Orange County CA and Southern California Real Estate. If you consider yourself to be an investor/wholesaler, part or full time, you should be making purchases to buy and hold or flip to other investors or end buyers.  The market is literally at the point where investors need to become exceedingly more active and aggressive in purchasing Real Estate.

OrangeCountyRealEstateDeals.com is currently forming joint ventures with other investors/wholesalers in two aspects.

  1. If you are an investor/wholesaler and have a property that you would like to QUICKLY SELL(assign or flip) to us… Then we will review your deal, and if the numbers work, QUICKLY purchase that property from you and give you your profit. We Cash you out Quickly so you can make money fast and move onto your next deal! No Haggling.. No Hassles!

  2. If you are an investor/wholesaler with a possible deal, but not sure on how to structure it, we will partner with you 50/50 and split the profit. These deals are deals that will be flipped to new buyers/investors.

Our formula for deals that we purchase quickly for cash are as follows:
.60 x ARV(After Repair Value) – Estimated Repair Costs – Your Wholesale Fee = Our Maximum Purchase Price

We are making it easy for other investors to invest in Real Estate.  We’ve been in Real Estate FOR OVER 50 YEARS COMBINED, and have closed short sales, wholesales, owner financing, subject to deals, note purchases, and land deals.  Bring your deal to us and if it’s workable in any way, we will joint venture with you, or purchase it from you, So You Can Put Some Cash In Your Pocket!!

The exit strategies we use to invest in Real Estate are wholesaling, retailing, private portfolio lending, discounted notes and owner financing.  These strategies allow us to sell properties fast with little hassle and put cash in our pocket.

If you have a possible deal, whether it is a…

  • Probate
  • Foreclosure
  • Pre-foreclosure
  • Distressed Sale Short Sale
  • Divorce
  • Liens
  • Over-Leveraged
  • REO
  • Vacant Property
  • Fire Damaged
  • For Sale By Owner
  • Super Expensive Luxury Home
  • Pretty House With Little Equity

…Whatever the case may be

You bring the deal, we review it, approve it, buy it, close it and You Get Paid QUICKLY!! Or we will partner with you, 50/50, help structure the deal, And Get Paid Together!!

Through our channel of investors, rehabbers, private lenders, trust deed investors, mortgage brokers, appraisers, real estate agents, account executives, underwriters, processors, title reps, escrow officers, insurance agents, contractors, stagers and attorneys… we have all the resources that you may lack.

That’s what a business relationship is all about, one partner making up with what the other lacks.  We have agreements available to protect all parties involved.

So if you have a possible Orange County, CA Real Estate Deal (or anywhere else in Southern California for that matter)… Contact Us so we can analyze it for you and give you our professional opinion.  And if it’s a feasible below market deal, we’ll joint venture with you and get it closed, and get you PAID!

Now is the time to take action and invest in Southern California Real Estate, especially in the Orange County, CA Real Estate market… for Maximum Returns and Profits!!

So, if you would like to submit your real Estate deal to an ALL CASH INVESTOR / ALL CASH BUYER… please complete the Seller Form below.

Get Started Below!

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What Type Of Property?


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What is the square footage of the house?


What is the approximate lot size?


Who lives in the house?


How soon are you looking to move/sell?


What is your situation or reason for selling?


If we could pay ALL CASH and Close Quickly what is the LEAST amount you could accept?


How did you get your price?


How did you get your price?


If yes, list what type of repairs?

How much will the property appraise for today?


Would you allow us to purchase your house by allowing us to take over your payments?


Financial Information

All information is kept "strictly confidential"

Who is the lender on the 1st Mortgage?


Type of mortgage?


About what is owed on your 1st mortgage?


How many payments are you behind?


How much are your payments?$


Does payment include Taxes and Insurance?


What is the interest rate?


Who is the lender on the 2nd Mortgage?


Type of mortgage?


About what is owed on your 2nd mortgage?


How much are your payments?$


How many payments are you behind?


Does payment include Taxes and Insurance?


What is the interest rate?


Do you have any other property to sell?


If yes, you may give a little additional information?

Listed with realtor?


If yes, you may give a little additional information?

Are there any other problems with the house?

How long has it been for sale?

In the box to the side please include any other information that you feel will be helpful. For instance, extra amenities, neighborhood, additional mortgages, liens, judgements, bankruptcy, etc.

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