The Process

How it works….

At, we often use short term funds from Private Lenders to purchase and rehab the homes we buy and sell. When we borrow funds from Private Lenders, we secure your money with a 1st mortgage and pay you a competitive interest rate. All of our transactions are closed by professionals with a lenders title policy, insurance policy, and all the other appropriate documentation. Best of all, we never borrow more than 70% of the after repair value of the house.

The process of working with us as a Private Lender is really pretty simple.

When an opportunity arises that fits your particular needs, we’ll contact you directly…

Here are the basic steps to a Private Money loan with our company:

1. Step One: Our company locates and approves an investment property based on our strict investment criteria.

2. Step Two: Our company offers a private note to cover the costs of the purchase (acquisition, remodeling, etc.).  A Private Lender sends their loan funds to the escrow company and the note is created.

3. Step Three: Our company closes on the property and begins with the remodel using the funds from the Private Lender.

4. Step Four:
Once the property is complete, based on our exit strategy we either bring in a credit partner who will refinance the property to cash out you as the Private Lender… or we market the property for sale to an end buyer.   Once the property is sold or refinanced the Private Lender receives 100% of their Loan Principal PLUS the Interest as agreed!

Investing In Real Estate Is STILL Considered To Be The Safest Most Profitable Investment Structure There Is In Existence Today!!

You’ll finally make your money work hard for you instead of you working hard for your money!

Avoid Making An Emotional Decision That Can Haunt You For Years To Come… We’ll Guide You Step By Step Through The Process So That You Make Decisions Based On Facts Not Emotions!

Discover how to put together a real estate related retirement plan… so you can relax on top of your Financial Empire in your golden years!

Don’t Miss Out On What Is Considered The GREATEST Transfer Of Wealth In Our Time… Get Started Today!!!

Get Started Now…

Are you interested in signing up for our Private Lender Program? Complete our Private Lender form and we will contact you shortly to discuss our programs in more detail.

For more information:

Access our FREE REPORT on “The Top 10 Questions All Private Lenders MUST Know BEFORE Making Private Loans”

Did you know you can use your IRA and other retirement accounts? Click here to find out how.

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