Courthouse Foreclosure Property Auction: DROdio Attends

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We attended several courthouse auctions to highlight how the home foreclosure and auction process works. Includes extended commentary from auctioneer and interviews on auction process

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20 responses for Courthouse Foreclosure Property Auction: DROdio Attends

  1. mcd7619 says:

    Excellent video Daniel.

  2. EasyFinance says:

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  3. RustySledge says:

    Thanks for this information!

  4. moralesimages says:

    Thanks for this video.

  5. dickdeer says:

    Such a clip that helps! Thanks Daniel

  6. wizbiz777 says:

    Thanks for the information

  7. oyemijo says:

    Thank you for posting this. I found this very educational and helpful for those looking to learn how the process works.

  8. 838TBone says:

    Interesting to know that auction doesn’t always depict getting a steal/deal…Good to know.

  9. MrMortgage1 says:

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  10. Wurdswurth says:

    Great video. I wonder why they have to have the auction outside.

  11. willdex01 says:

    Dude, this is the most informative foreclosure video I’ve ever seen! I LIKE!

  12. prkoqui says:

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  13. debkelley7 says:

    Very informative. I live in Fairfax Co VA and saw a group of people a few months ago in front of the courthouse and didn’t know what they were doing. I assume it was an auction for real estate. It’s great to learn more in regards to it. I would love to attend an auction one day. I have purchased cars at car auctions but never a home. And most auction cars come with their own set of problems. For this reason, I decided to go with a new car, but houses are different.

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  15. FlemingAldridge says:

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  16. mayimbin says:


  17. eliasnavytanga says:

    Thanks Daniel, this is very informative, I’m interested to buy in auction.

  18. tenniscalif1 says:

    thank you for the video, very very informative

  19. sergess0204 says:

    Thanks man, very helpful video. Good introduction for those how new to the process!

  20. albyva says:

    They should start the bidding at $1.00

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