Maudehelen rehab day 4, 5, 6, & 7….Orlando FL rehabber

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In day 4 we get the painting finished up(mostly…painter actually had some cutting in left to do on day 5 and 6), on day 5 we get the sod laid, and on day 6 we get the carpet installed. Day 7 the cleaning lady comes and we are finished. I actually didn’t even change any of the fans or light fixtures in this house….it was built in 2007 so everything was in decent shape. We finished up this one and went straight into rehabbing the Lake County house on Moonlight Ln. The Moonlight Ln video should be coming shortly.

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  1. orlandoforeclosures says:

    Ethan I’m so impressed (and a little jelous…!) Good for you!

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