Real Estate Networking: Cup of Coffee Persistance

by Clay Huber | August 13, 2012 | on Orange County Real Estate Deals | no comments

Before I begin, ask yourself which statement you’d like to be said about you:A) “This guy/gal is persistent to the point of driving me nuts!”B) “This guy/gal seems to be pretty lazy with their lack of initiative and motivation.”Both statements do contain a hint of negativity as no one wants to be annoying; however, if your annoying of someone is being caused by your passion for persistence, then I would argue that is 100x’s better than annoyance being cau

Laguna Niguel Chamber Clippinger Networking Event

by | November 15, 2011 | on Orange County Homes For Sale | no comments

New Post!! Networking at Clippinger Investment Properties Top Recommended Site!!

Saavy Real Estate Investing: Power Networking

by | August 27, 2011 | on Orange County Wholesale Real Estate | no comments

New Post!! One of the most important things you can do to ensure that your real estate business flourishes is to network. Watch as Metro Realty Partners' Kevin Toston and Arouna Koroma detail some surefire methods to maximize your networking efforts. Top Recommended Site!!

June 2011 – Orange County Investment Club FIBI: Reggie Lal Market Updates Clip 1

by | June 9, 2011 | on Orange County Real Estate Deals | no comments

New Post!! June 2011 - Orange County Investment Club FIBI: Reggie Lal Market Updates Clip 2 Investors, Investing, For Investors by Investors, Realtors, Agents, REO, Short Sales, Bank Owned, Vacant Houses, Flipping, Advanced Strategies, Tax Free Investing, Roundtable Discussion Top Recommended Site!!

Traffic From Torrents by Michelle MacPhearson

by | May 22, 2010 | on Orange County Approved Short Sale Homes | 5 comments

Generating website traffic through the use of freebies uploaded to the torrent networks. Other orange County Real Estate Deals SitesUsing External Coding to Improve Search Engine Placement | Software technology Interview Questions and articlesDynamically load javascript with load completion notification

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