4 Main Types Of Orange County Real Estate ~ Foreclosures, Short Sales, Equity Sales, Flip Sales

by OrangeCountyRealEstateDeals.com | January 19, 2012 | on Orange County Real Estate Deals | 2 comments

New Post!! In Orange County Real Estate right now there are 4 main types of properties. With each of these main property types, there are different rules and protocol to follow if you are a buyer wanting to purchase one of them. Fred Sed goes over these 4 main types and how they are all different from each other. There are Orange County Foreclosures, Orange County Short Sales, Orange County Equity Sales, & Orange County Flip Sales. Top Recommended Site!!

Fridays with Fred 12/16/11- Real Estate Investing

by OrangeCountyRealEstateDeals.com | | on Orange County Homes For Sale | no comments

New Post!! How real estate can provide you with positive cash flow and benefit your overall investment strategy. Top Recommended Site!!

Fridays with Fred 12/9/11 – Orange County Market U

by OrangeCountyRealEstateDeals.com | December 15, 2011 | on Orange County Real Estate Deals | no comments

New Post!! Why It's A Great Time to Buy! Top Recommended Site!!

Most Important Part About Buying A Home In Orange County ~ Mortgage Pre Qualification & Approval

by OrangeCountyRealEstateDeals.com | October 31, 2011 | on Orange County Real Estate Deals | one comment

New Post!! Today's market has definitely transformed from what it used to be. There was a point at the peak of the market that almost anyone could obtain a mortgage loan. Not anymore! In this video Fred goes over why it's so important to get Pre Approved or Pre Qualified for a mortgage. Top Recommended Site!!

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